Partnerstwo z branżą mieszkaniową

After the adventure with big apartment buildings in Belgium which didn’t bring what we as Stip United were expecting from it, we are now very happy and proud to announce that we signed an exclusive partnership with a well-known specialist in the housing branch. STIP United concluded a long-term deal and decided to start a long-term investment, finalising the contract for several locations in the Netherlands, including Moerdijk and Hoeven, which will provide a minimum of 250 places with growth possibility up to 450 places.

So we hereby invite all the people who want to see a new style of housing offered by Stip United Poland. No more moving to other houses when you change your workplace, always have your own place. Cleaning is being taken care of by Stip United, as well as changing your bedsheets etc.

We as Stip United Poland understand the needs of our employees and that’s why we are making this investment.

We hope that you will also join the Stip United team soon!