To meet expectations of both our clients and people who want to gain extra professional qualifications, we have created 2 training centres: for scaffolding fitters and for industrial insulation fitters.

In our Training Centres we have experienced and qualified Trainers who prepare our trainees for work in a selected position during the training. We make sure that after the course is completed, each participant is reliably prepared to work on scaffolding assembly or thermal insulation – we provide training materials in the field of theory and equipment necessary for practical classes which are the most important part of our courses.

During the training, we prepare our trainees for the VCA exam. The certificate VCA is required if you want to work in the Netherlands and Belgium. This training is our guarantee for the client that the person we propose to be the scaffolding or insulation fitter’s assistant knows the material, has sufficient knowledge of basic assembly of scaffold and safety principles. The VCA course is valid for 10 years and provides legal employment in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our centres are located in Opole, we offer accommodation for students from other cities for the duration of the course.

Both training are organise several times during a whole year. Trainings for insulators takes 7 days. Training for scaffolders is 14 days long.

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